25 November 2013

Orange doughnuts

I tested out the Brasilia dress that Rachel of House of Pinheiro is releasing for FREE. It's due out on Christmas day. I would seriously recommend trying it out because it was such a breeze to sew and it is such a flattering style.

This Brasilia is more of a wearable muslin because I don't think I graded down enough from Rachel's size to fit me/to accommodate stretch fabric, but what the hell - I got heaps of compliments wearing it so it can't be too bad! I can't wait to get started on my next version, just maybe in not such a loud fabric....
Brasilia dress Brasilia dress - back

This stretch cotton (possibly sateen?) was from trusty ole Ike's in Devonport. So hard to resist the cheap fabrics there. The black/orange circle print (actually octagons if you look close enough) remind me of doughnuts, go figure! Unfortunately the print is off grain, but I don't think it's so noticeable from distance. I used a contrasting black and white striped fabric for the panels and binding otherwise it was just too orange or something. Not that I have anything against orange.
Black/orange print and bust darts

You can see the print doesn't match down the centre seam (but don't even care!)
Brasilia dress - front neckline

I used a contrasting black and white striped fabric for the panels and binding otherwise it was just too orange or something. Not that I have anything against orange.
Brasilia dress - front
Brasilia dress - closeup side
The fabric has stretched out a bit around my hips and bum so I might take it in but I'm not sure if I can be bothered - this dress is still fully wearable as is and I certainly plan on rocking it throughout the summer. I have my eye on a navy tropical print sateen for my next version.

22 November 2013

Pretty Pink Polka (dot) Polly

Because I can't help myself I've made another polka dotty thing - the Polly top! It's a totally free (FREE!) pattern from By Hand London. It's a simple top and didn't take too long for me to whip up.
Front tucked

I've only previously made 1 top so wanted to keep things simple. I found this slightly sheer, dotty fabric (off cuts of some sort) at John's Place Emporium in Wairau Park for about $2 a piece (I got 2). There was only 1 selvedge edge, which is what makes me think they are off cuts.
Grey/pink polka dot chiffon
Back - close upside close up

The dots are actually larger/more dense at one end of the fabric (not sure if it shows up in the photos - this is along the bottom of the top) which is a bit more interesting than regular dots... and I picked up the solid pink fabric ($4/m) from my fave store, Ike's. I don't have too much to say about sewing it up except that it was straight forward :)

I just made the straight (UK) size 10 and added a couple inches to the length, based off my issues fitting BHL's Anna dress bodice and I quite like longer length tops. But I think the original length would've been totally fine too. I also used french seams for the sides because of the sheer factor.
Polly top back

So that's it, another top to add to my summer wardrobe. I've almost finished up my November Sewing pattern for the Monthly Stitch (just have to hem it) and am about to cut out my La Sylphide dress for the sewalong. I've also got to get onto the November pattern for a Year in Indie Sewing, the Nougat dress from ┼átepalica patterns.

14 November 2013

(not so timely) Anna dress

Anna dress, Narrow Neck beach

Well *ahem* I finished my Anna dress from the sewalong... and finally got evidence of that fact! I wore it last evening as it has finally warmed up enough to comfortably wear it. These photos were taken at 7pm last night, man I love spring and summer with all the extra sunshiney goodness :)

back view Anna dresspink polka dot Anna
It was really hard to photograph this dress because of all the yellow... I love wearing this dress, it's so light and airy and feels absolutely lovely against my skin. Not sure of the fabric, probably polyester.

I whipped this up way ahead of the sewalong schedule, but with the weather and general other things going on this was my first chance to take photos. The only problems I had sewing her up were the fitting of the bodice, as previously discussed here. The rest of it was a breeze, even all the hand stitching of that split.

Beach - Anna dress

Speaking of which, I didn't realise how indecent of height it was till I was actually wandering down the road and the gentlest of winds blew it open..... I need to close her up by at least 2 inches, oops.
Anna dress - thigh splitClose up Anna dress

Overall I'm so happy with how this dress turned out. I ended up making the bandeau onepiece to go underneath this dress as I couldn't find anything to buy that was quite right, but i'm thinking i'll attempt to make a slip dress to go with.

Anna dress full length Anna dress - back

Next time I make the Anna (and there will be a next time!) I will avoid using  a sheer fabric and shorten the bodice length a smidge, as I added a bit too much in my opinion.
Garden - Anna dress
I can't believe that I wasn't very into this pattern when I first saw it, I can see my Anna getting a huge workout this upcoming summer!