20 December 2013

Mint aperitif party dress

Well, this is just a quick update before I'm off for Christmas holidays (can't wait!). I finished this dress in November in time for a 50s, themed bridal shower, which was a picnic at the beautiful Hamilton Gardens (followed by dinner, drinks, karaoke and dancing). Unfortunately I didn't get too many snaps as the weather was pretty shitty.

The pattern is Butterick B6582, which is a repro from a 1960 pattern, but the silhouette of the full skirted version is close enough to pass for the 50s!

I had to resize it quite a bit as based on the pattern measurements I should be a 12 (smallest size on the pattern I bought) but I guess there is a shit tonne of ease in there because it was 12cms too wide overall :( I couldn't figure out how I should've gone about reducing the bodice with the overlapping bits and the facings so simply took 6cms from CF and CB and redrew the angled line going across the front of the bodice. This meant the angle of the neckline isn't exactly even but I don't think it's too noticeable. The dress wasn't too difficult to sew up once I'd figured out the resizing.

I also managed (just) to make a petticoat to go with it as the skirt really looks better with the extra poufiness :) The fabric was this amazing mint green with little bottles (pretty sure they are aperitif bottles) all over it, which went perfectly for a hen's night I thought! I got it from the Whitianga op shop, I've found so many good bargains there.

I really want to make the wiggle dress version of this pattern but that will have to wait as I've got so many other patterns waiting in the pipeline! A couple more snaps from the picnic with the lovely bride-to-be.

Well that's me done for the time being, bring on the sun, sand and good times at the beach. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays. Can't wait to see all the rest of your festive season makes xxxx