20 September 2013

Metallic Laurie Striped Tee

Laurie Striped Tee
Laurie Tee back
Here's my first completed Named pattern - the Laurie Striped Tee. So that makes 1/1 for the year in indie patterns challenge, I wonder what pattern company Stephanie will choose for October?

Whoop, first T-shirt I've ever made and only the second time I've sewn with a knit. I don't want to jinx myself here but I don't get what all the sewing with knits fear is about? I read up on it, used a ballpoint needle and the "stretch stitch" on my machine, took my time and had no issues. Any fault in the finished top is my own lack of paying attention so I'm not going to blame anything on the fabric. Actually, I take that back - this was a bitch to press, the fabric wouldn't hold the pleats very well - but a bad tradesmen blames his tools so I'm still not going to blame my slightly wonky pleats on the fabric :p

I don't own an overlocker so this was completely sewn with my normal machine. I'm really happy with how it turned out - the bottom hem is wonky but I think (hopefully) I'm the only person who will notice.... This is a bit baggier than I'd normally wear my T-shirts, and the shoulders are a teeny tiny smidge too wide, but it's definitely something I will wear (and have already!). Looking again at the model for this pattern I think it's supposed to be this relaxed a fit?

Laurie - necklineClose-up of stripesLaurie - sleeve
The pattern was really easy to tape together and trace, the only issue I really had was the lack of illustrations with the instructions. That being said, this is a very basic pattern so it wasn't difficult without, I just like looking at diagrams of how things should go together :) I would be a bit apprehensive about sewing some of the more difficult Named patterns without diagrams....

I used a metallic grey knit from Centrepoint Fabrics in Newmarket. Sorry for the out of focus photos - it is a lot sparklier IRL but my shitty point-and-click camera (and the lack of daylight) made photographing it difficult. On top of the sparkle there is a shiny dot kinda pattern on the fabric as well. You can sorta see it here
Metallic knit fabric
I trawled through Ike's and Spotlight for an appropriately drapey knit with no success so had to check the more expensive fabric stores to find the right sorta knit. Luckily this stuff was $5/m but I had trouble deciding on fabrics; once I found a store that actually had a SELECTION to choose from, I  went a bit crazy and got 2 other pricier knits as well. Meh, i'll find good uses for the other knits, this Laurie is more of a wearable muslin anyway, I'm keen to make a more fitted version of it.

I persuaded Sean to take a few photos (the ones taken outside- at the top of this post) but he wasn't that into it so I figured out the self timer on my camera - here are a few shots of me trying to get the distance/angle right
Laurie Tee - back
Laurie - back
The camera autofocus with the timer was a bit funny so I've still got to play around with places/times of day that are best for taking outfit photos.

And here's an obligatory kitty photo.
Windowsill cat
Maya is generally my little "helper" when I'm sewing but she wasn't around on Sunday when I was making my Laurie t-shirt. I'm participating in the Anna Dress Sewalong from the ladies at By Hand London, and Maya has been dutifully keeping my sewing chair warm for me since I started on my Anna...

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