22 November 2013

Pretty Pink Polka (dot) Polly

Because I can't help myself I've made another polka dotty thing - the Polly top! It's a totally free (FREE!) pattern from By Hand London. It's a simple top and didn't take too long for me to whip up.
Front tucked

I've only previously made 1 top so wanted to keep things simple. I found this slightly sheer, dotty fabric (off cuts of some sort) at John's Place Emporium in Wairau Park for about $2 a piece (I got 2). There was only 1 selvedge edge, which is what makes me think they are off cuts.
Grey/pink polka dot chiffon
Back - close upside close up

The dots are actually larger/more dense at one end of the fabric (not sure if it shows up in the photos - this is along the bottom of the top) which is a bit more interesting than regular dots... and I picked up the solid pink fabric ($4/m) from my fave store, Ike's. I don't have too much to say about sewing it up except that it was straight forward :)

I just made the straight (UK) size 10 and added a couple inches to the length, based off my issues fitting BHL's Anna dress bodice and I quite like longer length tops. But I think the original length would've been totally fine too. I also used french seams for the sides because of the sheer factor.
Polly top back

So that's it, another top to add to my summer wardrobe. I've almost finished up my November Sewing pattern for the Monthly Stitch (just have to hem it) and am about to cut out my La Sylphide dress for the sewalong. I've also got to get onto the November pattern for a Year in Indie Sewing, the Nougat dress from ┼átepalica patterns.


  1. I downloaded this pattern ages ago and have down nothing with it.... You have inspired me to pull it out - good way to use up scrap material.

    1. Yay, glad I inspired someone to try out this pattern :)