12 March 2014

Getting back into a sewing groove

Maya making herself at home in my sewing corner

It's been a while coming but I have finally managed to find a few weekends and afternoons to get reacquainted with my sewing machine. I have been feeling ok for at least a month now but the thought of starting a new project (even a quick one) just seemed too huge so I kept putting it off. Anyone else get like that once they've had a break from sewing of at least a couple weeks?

So, as you may or may not know I am attempting to follow all of the challenges over at the Monthly stitch but 2014 hasn't been easy so far. The February challenge was 'smarty pants' and I actually did make some 'pants' that month but failed to get any good photos.


What you can't see is that these are the harem pants from Ralph Pink. I figured they would be nice and accommodating for my growing belly. These were the perfect thing to ease myself back into sewing as there were only 3 pattern pieces and it was really simple to put together, even on my regular sewing machine. My only issue was that the fabric I used was way less stretchy than what was recommended for these pants, so I had to redraft the waistband and leg bands to fit. This resulted in a waistband that is too wide for me currently (the pants only juuuuuuust stay up) but shouldn't be a problem in the near future at the rate my waistline is disappearing!

I will try get better photos of the harem pants and I will update you on my March Monthly Stitch challenge makes later on this week. Here's a wee peek at what I've been working on.

In other sewing news, my friend Erin, currently living in England, was back for a brief visit a few weekends ago and turns out she has an overlocker sitting at her parent's place not being used. Guess where that baby has ended up? Yes, that's right - in my care!!

I had never used an overlocker before but Erin gave me a real quick run down of how it works so I've been getting myself familiar with it. I think it will come in handy for all the cute baby clothes I want to make!!

Yay for getting my sewing mojo back :)

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