18 May 2016

Busy busy busy


As usual, life has been hectic and finding time to blog has been pretty low on the priority list. I have been working away on some sewing - mostly planning projects, cutting them out if I'm lucky and then they sit lingering away in the spare room with only the cat for company. Must. Do. Better.

But breaking news people: I MADE A DRESS IN ONE DAY LAST WEEK *gasp*. I managed to trace, cut out, and stitch that bad boy while my husband took my girl on a Daddy/Daughter outing and I finished it up in the evening. Not bad for someone who has only managed to complete one other garment since moving house (last October).

Day 16: lurex/cotton knit Coco dress (Tilly & the buttons pattern) and a hand knit cowl #MMMay16  #MeMadeMay16

It was my second time making the Coco dress so at least I had the pdf pages taped together. I made my other version while pregnant, so the fit of this one is quite different. I forgot to account for the stretch in my fabric, so probably should have gone down another size (or two) through the shoulders but now looking at the model pics of the Coco, it seems to be sitting the same on me... Overall I'm really happy with how it turned out. Another easy to wear dress is always welcome.

Oh, and I've been following along with Me-Made-May this year! So far these have been my outfits, when I've remembered to get pics:
Day 17: Orange/white/black dress - House of Pinheiro #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 13: pale pink/black wool jacket - Vogue V2934 #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 12: blue bird print, floor length wrap dress (can't remember the pattern) #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 11: hounds tooth Yasmin yoke skirt - Maria Denmark #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 10: broderie anglaise border print dress (McCalls pattern [can't remember the number!] as a base but omitted the collar and swapped out a circle skirt for a dirndl skirt) #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 9: colour blocked merino Hemlock tee - Grainline #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 8: aperitif bottles print repro Butterick pattern (can't remember the number) #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 6: Scuba knit Paula pleats skirt - Maria Denmark pattern #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 5: pineapple print Truffle dress - Colette patterns, handknit River cropped jumper - Rowan #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 4: handknit scarf and leopard print Ooh La Leggings - Papercut Patterns #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 2: Laurie tee, Named Patterns and harem pants, Ralph Pink #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16 Day 1: leopard print Deer & Doe Plantain tee #MMMay16 #MeMadeMay16

It's getting pretty tricky to find self-stitched outfits now that the cold weather has finally turned up, but I'm quite surprised I've got as many me-made clothes as I have. Most of these I wouldn't normally wear so its been fun rediscovering things I've made and haven't been able to wear for the last couple of years due to pregnancy/baby weight. Also, I've been very lucky its stayed so sunny this late into May and getting use of some summery outfits.

I've found I've been gravitating towards knitting a lot more since having a baby, it just seems easier to pick up and drop at short notice and to fit into smaller chunks of time. Subsequently, I've been in the knitting zone so my sewing has taken a back seat. I'm trying to change this, however, and am very much looking forward to Indie Pattern Month starting in June! I'm busy looking into all the wonderful patterns on offer and deciding which competitions I want to enter.

Anyone else struggling to find their sewing mojo again after having a baby/dealing with a toddler?

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