12 August 2013

Hello World!

So, I've finally gone and done it. I clicked that wee button and created my blog. I'd been thinking of starting one for well over a year and for whatever reason never got off my arse and did it.... well here it is. I have no concrete ideas for what direction I want to take this blog in, but I wanted an outlet to keep track of the things I've made, what I'm currently making (Papercut's ooh la leggings) and ideas for the future. Plus anything I'm loving at the moment and what I find inspiring.

I learnt to sew during intermediate school and then never kept up with it. In 2011, I started re-learning sewing techniques and have made a few things since: a circle skirt, a Laurel dress, a Vogue jacket and a couple of costumes for various events. These were made with a really decrepit Brother machine, which I think hails from the '50s (I inherited it from an ex-flatmate).

Mint and white polka dot circle skirt
Mint and white polka dot skirt

Laurel front
Taking photos when the sun is rising is not so great... Laurel dress

Just last weekend I actually got myself a half-decent sewing machine (by that I mean one I'm not in fear of electrocuting myself with every time I use it), so I'm hoping to get a lot more sewing done! I am a complete over-the-top kind of person when it comes to clothes - if I could get away with it I'd wear sequiny, sparkly, velvety and/or shiny things all day long. Sadly, my sewing skills are not quite up to tackling most of those fabrics just yet....

My Mum taught me to knit and I've been knitting on and off for the past 8 or so years. I don't always follow a pattern, preferring to experiment and try recreate garments I've seen or ideas in my head.

It's always a tug-of-war between my inherent laziness and the desire to be crafting something; hopefully this blog will spur me towards the side of productivity.

Please bear with me through my continued sewing and crafting (mis)adventures.

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