14 August 2013

Sew Weekly Reunion Challenge

I'm thinking I might jump on the bandwagon and attempt to make something for the Sew Weekly Reunion.  I followed the Sew Weekly for all of 2011 and 2012 but was too scared to dip my toe in the water as I am a S      L        O      W sewer at best. It would be more like Sew Yearly for me....  I really miss reading about all of those weekly creations, it was inspiring seeing what people with different styles and tastes from across the globe are making. But things are changing, I have a new(ish) sewing machine and I am determined to use it. Often.

The challenge theme is to sew something from the Pantone Fall colour report 2013. Since winter is very nearly over (it's been ridiculously warm for most of this winter in Auckland), I'll be making a spring/summer outfit. I'm liking the Mykonos blue, Koi (orange) and Linden green (pale green).

I need to check what fabrics I already have at home. I recently picked up a whole bunch of fabric from an estate sale but it's mostly pale baby blue or white; not exactly ideal for this challenge. I vaguely remember buying an aztec-y print that might have some of the right colours.

As far as what type of garment I want to make: who knows? The deadline is 1st of September, which is also my Nana's 80th birthday, so I could possibly plan to make something appropriate to wear to her surprise bday lunch... a pretty, tea length dress or a laid back, summer maxi Saltspring?

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